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About Us

The Collio Bike Team was born in Cormons from a passion for mountain biking of a small group of friends, love of the land and from the deadly mixture made of fun, sport, food and wine!

When the small group began to grow both components both for commitment, it was decided for the founding of the association "Collio Bike Team" Amateur Sports Association, so as to manage a number of people and at the same time provide a service or It helps also to those who have little experience with bicycle paths and country.

The Collio Bike Team offers excursions and guided visits, frequent outings on mountain bikes, cycling with road bike, foot races and numerous dinners, so as to involve more and more friends as possible.
And the fun and tourism are guaranteed!

Also often stop ahead or at the end around a healthy salami sandwich and a glass of wine, because the territory of Cormons and around the Collio is a special environment!

The Collio Bike Team actively participates in competitions, exhibitions and sporting events by providing logistical support, assistance in route and service open-close track.

The Collio Bike Team has four mountain bikes for hire and it is also NLT Italy partner, from where you can rent electric power-assisted bicycles.

The Collio Bike Team also pays attention to the respect and protection of the territory and is committed to helping charities and participating effectively giving visibility when possible.

Anyone can join the association and any help or involvement in activities it is always welcome.


You can download and view the statute, the regulations and the entry form to the Association page.


The Collio Bike Team is supported by several sponsors, which help to keep alive the association and that are advertised as well as on the website and on the uniform, even the most important events.


You can contact us by using the various contact the Contact page for any questions or information.